Nino Niederreiter hat auf der Players Tribune Homepage einen grossartigen Beitrag verfasst. Nachfolgend einige Schmankerl:

“In Switzerland we never got NHL games on TV. It was all about EHC Chur, our local team. My favorite player growing up was Harijs Vītoliņš. He was a big, strong center for Chur in the ’90s.”

“All I dreamt about was playing for EHC Chur — that’s all any of my friends wanted to do. My dad would take me to games and I’d love the singing and chanting. That’s what makes you want to play.”

“The crowds were electric, similar to the NHL, but completely different at the same time. Flags and banners hung from poles and seats. Goals were an excuse to scream as loud as you could.”

Hier geht es zum ganzen Bericht.

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